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How to enable split tunneling on a PIX Firewall

Core issue

By default, all IPSec Client traffic is tunneled through the VPN Server. Split tunneling allows the VPN Client to send some traffic to the VPN Server (in an encrypted format) and the remaining traffic to the remote network (in an unencrypted format). For example, split tunneling allows you to browse the Internet or print locally while tunneled to the gateway.

Note: Ensure that the remote VPN Client networks are secured with the anti-virus software and personal firewalls. It could be a security risk to the corporate network if the VPN Client uses split  tunneling without these security features.


For more information on how to configure the PIX, refer to Configuring Cisco Easy VPN With PIX-to-PIX as Server and Client.

For more information about the usage of split tunneling, refer to these documents: