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How to initiate IPsec VPN tunnel from PIX/ASA for remote network


At times, PIX administrators might not have access to internal network of PIX or may not have any device attached to internal interface of PIX. In this scenerio, bring up the VPN tunnel from PIX/ASA source the ping from inside interface. Complete these steps in order to accomplish this task:

  1. Configure management-access inside command in the global configuration mode.

  2. In order to bring up the tunnel, use the ping inside command in the global configuration mode.

Note: The management-access command allows you to connect to an interface other than the one you entered the security appliance from when you use IPsec VPN. For example, if you enter the security appliance from the outside interface, this command lets you connect to the inside interface if you use Telnet; or you can ping the inside interface when you enter from the outside interface.

Note: You can define only one management-access interface.