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How to install additional Ethernet interface cards in a PIX Firewall


To install or replace an Ethernet card on a PIX Firewall, refer to the Installion of a Circuit Board in the PIX section of the PIX Firewall Hardware Installation Guide pertaining to the software code on the PIX. Install and Upgrade Guides for PIX software and models do not always indicate the maximum number of interfaces or Ethernet cards supported by a particular PIX model. This is because the interface and Ethernet card support is also a function of the type of license installed on the PIX.

This list shows the maximum number of interfaces supported in PIX Software version 6.x. Use the list, along with the Install and Upgrade Guide, to learn more about prerequisites and procedures for adding or replacing Ethernet cards on a PIX.

These are the platforms and their associated interfaces:

  • 506: 2 (embedded)
  • 515 R: 3
  • 515 UR: 6
  • 520 conn: 6 (connection-based license 128, 1K, UR)
  • 520 UR: 6 (feature-based license)
  • 525 R: 6
  • 525 UR: 8
  • 535 R: 8
  • 535 UR: 10

Issue the show version command to determine if the R (restricted) or UR (unrestricted) license is installed on the PIX.

For additional information, refer to the Install and Upgrade Guide that pertains to the PIX version in  question.

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