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How to Obtain Logs for AnyConnect (iOS/Android) without DART

1. Purpose

In most cases of AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client-related problems, we ask you to obtain bulk logs using

DART (AnyConnect Diagnostics and Reporting Tool) .However, there are cases of AnyConnect running on a platform without DART.

This article explains how to obtain logs in such a case.

2. How to retrieve logs

   AnyConnect supports iOS or Android platforms. In this article, I will introduce an example of using

   iPad (iOS 6.1.2) AnyConnect (3.0.09231).

- Click the AnyConnect icon to display the AnyConnect screen.


- Click the [Diagnostics] button and click each of the [Messages], [Services], and [App] buttons to check for any past logs.


- If there are any logs, just in case, click [Email Logs ...] and enter any text in the [Problem] and [Reproduction Step] fields.

   Then, click [Send] to send a file to an email address configured to receive mails.

   Will the logs BE Attached to the email as a file named, " Logs <date> iPad <time> .zip ".


For Problems That Occurred in the past That CAN BE Reproduced not, please create a SR (Service Request) and send this zip file to Cisco TAC. Please let US know as Accurately as Possible the date and time the event WHEN Occurred.

Useful logs for investigation may be stored in the system.

For Problems with Reproducibility (WHEN the event CAN BE Reproduced Easily), please OBTAIN logs Again as shown Below.

- After sending the past logs by email, click [Complete] and then click [Clear Logs] to clear past logs first.


- Turn ON [Debug Logs] at the top of the screen.

   (You can verify this when [App] logs show Logging Enabled.)


- Reproduce the event by connecting to a VPN, etc.

   After reproducing the event, disconnect from the VPN. By using the same procedure as described earlier, click [Email Logs ...] to obtain a zip file of the logs and send it to Cisco TAC as an email attachment. (Please include an accurate time of when you reproduced the event.)


- You can turn OFF [Debug Logs] after you have retrieved the logs.


3. Reference Information

   For details on how to retrieve logs using DART, please refer to the following:

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Author: Hiroki Yokoyama
Posted on January 22, 2014