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How to upgrade PIX Classic, 510, 520 or 10000 (with 2 MB Flash card) from PIX Firewall Software version 5.1 to 5.2 or later


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. If your existing PIX Firewall has a 2 MB Flash card installed, replace it with a 16 MB Flash card. This upgrades to PIX Firewall Software version 5.2 or later.

    To purchase the 16 MB Flash card, contact your local sales representative. The part number is PIX-FLASH-16MB.

2.  To find out how much Flash memory the PIX Firewall has, issue the show version command on your PIX.

3.  If you issue the show version command on your PIX Firewall and the Flash size is not given in MB, use this table to see how much Flash your PIX has:


i28F020512 KB
AT29C040A2 MB
atmel2 MB
i28F640J58 MB - PIX 506
            16 MB - all other PIXes
strata16 MB

For more information about the features in newer versions of PIX Firewall Software, review the release notes for the version you are interested in. Refer to Cisco PIX Firewall Software.