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How to upgrade the software image to version 7.x on an ASA 5520

Core issue

Unable to upgrade the software image to version 7.x on ASA 5520


To upgrade the software, perform these steps:

  1. Check the requirements for running the software version from the Release  Notes.

  2. Download the ASA Software Image.

  3. Copy the downloaded file to a tftp server.

  4. Issue the hostname(config)# copy tftp flash command on the ASA to copy  the ASA image and ASDM image, one at a time.

  5. Add these lines in the ASA configuration:

    hostname(config)# boot system disk0:/asa711-k8.bin

    hostname(config)# asdm image disk0:/asdm511.bin

    Note: Before adding the lines specified, ensure that any other boot system and asdm image commands are removed.

  6. Reload the PIX Appliance in order to boot with the new image.

Refer to the Upgrading to a New Software Version section of the Release Notes for more information

Note: A new SSL VPN License will be required for running the new software version, starting with version 7.1.x. The license  can be obtained from by sending a show version of the system after the upgrade has been done.