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How to upgrade the VPN client profile, the .PCF file, automatically on sign on


Complete these steps in order to upgrade the VPN client profile (.PCF file) once it is connected to the VPN Concentrator:

Note: The update directory needs to have the full update files even if you update the profiles only.

  1. Download the Update major or minor file from the Cisco website. If it is the major file, it has a name like:

    This file is a major upgrade from 4.8.01 to 4.8.02.

  2. On your web server, unzip these file(s). It unzips these four files:

    • binary_config.ini
    • sig.dat
    • vpnclient-win-is-xxxxx-k9.exe—For the Installshield
    • vpnclient-win-msi-xxxxx-k9.exe—For the MSI install

  3. Create a new txt file and name it new_update_config.ini. Put in this entry in the file, in order to update only the profiles and not the VPN client:



    Version is the version number for the administrator to track the revisions; the profiles or the VPN client does not have to do anything with this version field. is the name of the file or similar to the file, which you have created. MaxSize is the size of the file is the actual size of more than 5000 bytes; it does not have to be the actual file size

  4. Create a new profile and keep it in You have to create file.

  5. On the VPN Concentrator, in order to tell that a new revision is available, choose Configuration > System > Client Update > Entries. Click on the entry and choose Modify on the Revision field. Enter Update-4.8-1 or something similar.

  6. Try the client connection. The client should upgrade the .PCF file.

Refer to Creating the New Update Configuration File section of Updating VPN Client Software for more information.

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