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License for two CSC-SSM module in cisco asa5520

We have two  Cisco Asa firewall hardware identically with  CSC-SSM10 in one  Asa and CSC-SSM20 in another Asa firewall with expared license  on both CSC-SSM  module.

We need  replace  CSC-SSM10 with CSC-SSM20 module for working two ASA in  Failover mode,  and buy  Security plus license for them.

How many license need  If I will buy all license for ssm in active module,  when failover occured  can work failover ssm module two with this license.

thans before

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nobody can know  about this issue ??

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I hope you've gotten your answer by now. I just had this same question answered by Cisco. I have two ASA 5510 appliances running in active/standby failover. Each has a CSC module.

****from Cisco TAC****

Problem Description

If I understand the issue correctly, you need to find out if you need to know if the license is required for the both the CSC module running in failover.

Please notes that you need separate license for both the CSC modules as one license would not work for both.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance on this issue.

If your service request requires urgent attention while I am away, please contact the TAC Hotline number given below.