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Management interface in the ASA does not allow the traffic to pass through it and the "%ASA-4-418001: Through-the-device packet to/from management-only network is denied: tcp src mgmt:x.x.x.x dst mgmt: y.y.y.y." error message appears

Core issue

The ASA 5000 series Adaptive Security Appliances includes a dedicated management interface called Management 0/0, which is meant to support traffic to the security appliance. But, you can configure any interface to be a management-only interface with the management-only command. Also, for management0/0, you can disable management-only mode so the interface can pass through traffic similar to other interfaces.


The management interface is a Fast Ethernet interface designed for management traffic to the ASA only. It is specified as management0/0.

The management interface can be used for the traffic that passes through the firewall as well. The Security Plus License for the ASA 5510 is required in order to use the management0/0 port as a regular interface. With a base license on the 5510, the management0/0 port cannot be used as a regular interface.

Refer to
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Remove the management-only command from under the OOB Mangement0/0 interface in order to allow routing through that interface.

When the management-only command is enabled under an interface, routing out of that interface is not allowed. In this instance, the interface only accepts direct communication. Traffic cannot pass through it.

Refer to Configuring Interface Parameters for more information on the management interface configuration.