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NM-CIDS Stuck in Secondary Bootloader Partition


Under certain conditions you may find that the NM-CIDS bootloader has been changed by mistake to load from the "secondary" instead of the "primary" partition. This configuration change could have been made by mistake when booted into the bootloader and running the following command:

ServicesEngine boot-loader> config

The bootloader should never be changed from the default of "primary". The difficulty that this creates is that there are no visually configurable options that would allow you to change back into the primary parition once the configuration has been changed. Because of this the NM-CIDS will be stuck booting in the Cisco Cache Engine and you will not be able to load the module.

Below is a screenshot of what the Cisco Cache Engine boot looks like and the list of avaliable options. None of these options will change the boot back to primary:




In order to get the NM-CIDS to boot into the primary partition, reset the module. During the boot when it says "System now booting...." press the "i" key. It will not prompt you to press the "i". It is a hidden command and you just need to press it at the right time.This will load the primary boot loader and from here you should be albe to fix the configuration. Keep in mind that you will still need to hit the *** when the NM-CIDS boots and run "config" to permanently change back to the primary bootloader partition.

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