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Notes in Confirming Serial Numbers for ASA5500-X Series Products

For ASA5512-X, ASA5515-X, ASA5525-X, ASA5545-X, and ASA5555-X
("ASA5500-X Series product" hereafter),
a product is implemented using a separate enclosure (Chassis S/N)
and an internal board (PCB S/N), each having a different serial number.

This necessitates the use of a different serial number depending on the situation.

The serial number indicated on the seal attached on the packing box or the enclosure of the product represents the Chassis S/N of the enclosure. The Chassis S/N information is used for managing the contract information of Cisco products. You are expected to present the Chassis S/N in order to confirm the contract status when you need to open an SR.

For ASA Software 8.6(1), on the hand, which was initially installed on the ASA5500-X Series product, the serial numbers displayed in the output generated from the execution of the show version or the show inventory command represent the PCB S/N, which is the serial number for the internal board. This is intended to be used for issuing the Activation Key with the purpose of extending the functionality.

In Interim Release 8.6(1.2) or later of ASA Software,
the serial number displayed by the show inventory command has been changed to refer to Chassis S/N.
In order to confirm the serial number of the ASA5500-X Series product using the CLI,
check the version of the software currently being used in the product.

* The serial number displayed by executing the show version command continues to represent PCB S/N even after this modification.

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Original Document:
Author: Satoru Kawamura
Posted on September 14, 2012