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OAKLEY protocol

Complete Definition:

Key establishment is the heart of data protection that relies on cryptography, and it is an essential component of the packet protection mechanisms described in [RFC2401], for example.  A scalable and secure key distribution mechanism for the Internet is a necessity.  The goal of this protocol is to provide that mechanism,coupled with a great deal of cryptographic strength.

The Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm provides such a mechanism.It allows two parties to agree on a shared value without requiring enryption.The shared value is immediately available for use in encrypting subsequent conversation, e.g. data transmission and/or authentication.  The STS protocol [STS] provides a demonstration of how to embed the algorithm in a secure protocol, one that ensures that in addition to securely sharing a secret, the two parties can be sure of each other's identities, even when an active attacker exists.


OAKLEY protocol Wikipedia Definition


  • The OAKLEY Key Determination Protocol - RFC 2412
  • The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) - RFC 2409

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