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PDM is limited to the Monitoring tab. PDM location commands must be saved to the PIX configuration.

Core issue

The first time that PIX Device Manager (PDM) is used with a PIX Firewall, PDM requests permission to save PDM-specific commands (that is, PDM location address netmask) to the PIX configuration. These commands are necessary to update PDM's network topology information and do not change the network security policy on the PIX. If these commands are not saved to the PIX configuration, PDM can only monitor the PIX.


If you answered "No" when PDM prompted you for permission to save PDM-specific commands to the PIX configuration, or if you removed the commands from the configuration, the next time you access the PIX Firewall through PDM, you will be prompted to save the pdm location commands. Answer "Yes" to allow PDM to save the pdm location commands to the PIX's configuration. You will now have full access to all PDM functions.