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Quick configuration sample on BGP Passthrough



This  document is a quick reference to configure BGP pass through Firewall  device.


As we all  know that ASA do port randomization whenever traffic traverses through  ASA, that is why BGP does not work through the ASA. Hence, we need to do  appropriate configuration on ASA so that bgp traffic can traverse  through ASA.


Routers and ASA

Network Diagram



access-list outside permit tcp host host eq bgp

tcp-map bgp

tcp-options  range 19 19 allow

class-map  bgp

match port tcp eq  bgp

policy-map  global_policy

class bgp (where bgp  is class name )

set connection  random-sequence-number disable

set connection  advanced-options bgp (where bgp is tcp-map name)

I  hope this quick document is helpful to you and i want to thank you for  your time.



show service-policy

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