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Secondary VPN in Site-to-Site in ASA


I have a requirement to create two IPSEC Site-to-Site VPN's as primary and secondary between three different locations.

Loc1: is Primary Data Center

Loc2: is Secondary Data Center

Loc3: Support Center

Note: Loc2 is a DR Setup, if Loc1 is having any probloem with out any outgate or manual interption, from the backup Data Center, all the opertaions should work.

From Loc3 am creating a site-site VPN tunnel to Loc1 this is the primary one. from the same Loc3 am creating another site-ste VPN tunnel to Loc2 as a backup. If the primary will goes down, automatically the backup should srart work from the Loc3.

The complete setup and IP Network is same In Loc1 & Loc2 except the Internet connectivity.

Need experts help to proceed further.



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Want to add one more thing.

From location3 if loc1 if not reachable, using the secondary vpn i need to reach the Loc2. Once the Loc1 is reachable it should go back Loc1 using the the primary vpn.