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Split-tunneling fails with VPN Client version 4.8 on Windows XP SP2



This document describes the issue faced by an user.


What is Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling can be defined as a process which enables a remote VPN user to access a public network, most commonly the Internet and at the same moment user is allowed to access resources on the VPN. This method of network access helps the user to access remote devices such as a network printer, at the same time as accessing the public network.


Some advantages of Split Tunneling:

  • Only that data is transmitted which actually requires protection of a VPN. This results in to smaller workloads for VPN clients, server and gateways.
  • It helps in enabling strict separation of corporate Internet traffic and private Internet use.
  • It helps in conserving bandwidth within the VPN connection as it does not transmit private data.


Core issue

This problem is due to the presence of Cisco bug ID CSCeb67454.



To resolve this issue, either downgrade to Cisco VPN Client version 4.0.5, or upgrade to version

Note: The fix for Cisco bug ID CSCeb67454 is incorporated in VPN Client version