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The replicated Administration Control is not enforced in CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine 3.3 and 4.0 until reboot

Core issue

The issue is seen with CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine 3.3.3 and is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsc03778.

If a change is made in the Access Policy, under Administration Control on the CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine, and then replicated to another CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine, the changes are not enforced on the receiving CiscoSecure ACS appliance until it is rebooted.


Access Policy changes do not immediately take effect on the secondary CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine after database replication completes. However, the replicated changes do appear in the GUI.

This only occurs with changes made under Administration Control > Access Policy, and it only impacts the secondary replication server.

In order to resolve this issue, complete one of these actions:

  • Press Submit on the Access Policy page.

  • Stop or start the CSAdmin.

    Do this through the console for an appliance, or through Windows Administrator for the software version.

  • Reboot the entire server.

Note: A restart from the GUI is not a workaround.