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The SSL VPN Client is unable to connect to the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and the logs show a "The SSL VPN Client was unable to successfully verify the IP forwarding table modifications. SSL VPN connection will not be established" error message

Core issue

The error can appear due to these reasons:


If this error is due to the presence of bugs then:

For Cisco bug ID CSCsg03979:

  • Disable any other network adapters on the machine.

  • Use split-tunneling instead of local LAN. In this case you have to know the local LAN subnet.

For Cisco bug ID CSCeh52036:

  • Do not include split-tunneling routes in the configuration that conflict with existing routes on the client PC.

Then reconfigure the split tunnel Access Control List (ACL) from extended to standard.

Refer to
Configuring SSL VPN Client for additional help on how to configure the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN Client with the Command Line Interface (CLI).