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The VLAN interface does not show as active on the FWSM, and the "vlan xx is not assigned to this FWSM module" error message appears

Core issue

When an attempt is made to add a new Virtual LAN (VLAN) interface to the Firewall Services Module (FWSM), it does not show as active. When this issue occurs the vlan xx is not assigned to this FWSM module error message appears.


Complete these steps in order to determine why the interface does not show as active:


    Issue the show running-config command from the switch, review the output, and determine the interface to which the VLAN is associated. For example:

    interface FastEthernetx/x
    description XXXX XXXX (optional)
    !--- displays the description given to the port

    logging event link-status  (optional)
    !--- reveals whether the port is administratively shutdown
    speed 100
    !--- displays the port speed
    duplex full
    !--- displays the duplex status
    no snmp trap link-status (optional)
    switchport access vlan yy
    !--- displays the vlan number associated with the port
    switchport mode access

    In this example, the port is shutdown. In such situations, try to activate the port.

  2. The vlan xx is not assigned to this FWSM module error message appears if the FWSM is not able to download the VLANs into its database.

    In order t
    o resolve such issues, delete the VLAN and re-add it to the VLAN group.