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The VPN 3005 Concentrator hangs and does not respond to ping after an upgrade to version 4.7.

Core issue

The Concentrator stops responding to ping requests on all its interfaces in these in instances:

  • If console access to the Concentrator management is not working.
  • When attempting to install Secure Desktop on the VPN 3005 Concentrator, the upload stops at around 80-90 percent. The VPN 3005 Concentrator hangs and must be rebooted in order to be accessible again.


Check the memory installed on the 3005 Concentrator.

To verify the amount of RAM, go to Monitoring | System Status | Memory Status, and make sure you are running the minimum amount of memory required for 4.7 code as indicated in the System Requirements section of Release Notes for Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator, Release 4.7.2.

For more information, refer to Insufficient Memory Causes the CVPN3005 to Continuously Reboot.

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