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UCP on Cisco ACS 5.1


    UCP on Cisco ACS 5.1

     1. Use command acs config-web-interface ucp enable on ACS console.

     2. Install Apache Tomcat ( and J2SE on dedicate web server.

     3. Download UCP example from ACS web console (System Administration > Downloads > UCP web application example).

     4. Extact and put it into the Apache path (Ex. C:\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ROOT\)

     5. Restart Apache service.

     Good luck,

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New Member

Following this example works just fine. The only problem i have is it requires the user to enter the ACS IP Address. How can i get to edit this and disable that option from being required from user but rather i eneter the info on the script itself?

New Member

Please find ACS IP address/host in index.jsp (C:\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ROOT\) and edit input type to <input type=hidden name="host" id="host "value=""/> that value is your Cisco ACS ip address.


            ACS IP address/host:

          <input type=hidden name="host" id="host "value=""/>



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Please assist here this is my first time setting this up. I followed the steps but what is the URL that the user needs to enter to get to the change password page? http://ip/UCP ? https://ip/UCP ? http://ip/secure http://ip/secure

I have tied all combinations for this http://ip:port



New Member

The issue was firefox resolved