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Unable to access the PIX Firewall using Pix Device Manager

Core issue

If the PIX Firewall is not correctly configured to utilize the Pix Device Manager (PDM) from network workstations, an administrator is unable to utilize this tool to manage the PIX.


These commands need to be issued on the PIX for proper performance of the PDM. However, there may be a need for additional commands, depending on the topology of your network:

  • http server enable

  • pdm location ip_address [netmask] [if_name] (For example: pdm location inside)

Once all of these commands are entered properly, you must ping from the workstation to the PIX to ensure connectivity. From a DOS prompt on the workstation, issue  this command:

  • ping [inside address of the pix]

You should receive this result:


You may have connectivity issues if you get this result:


At this point, from an appropriate browser, you should be able to enter this information and access the PIX through the PDM:

  • https:// (PIX's inside interface IP address)

Note:- Ensure that you add the "s" to "https" or the web browser cannot connect. HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) provides a secure connection between your browser and the PIX Firewall that you are using PDM to configure or monitor.

  • username: (leave blank)

  • password: (enter enable password)

For more information about the PIX commands mentioned in this document, refer to the PIX Command References section of Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Command References.

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