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Unable to establish management session to context on FWSM through VLAN

Core issue

In this issue, it is not possible to establish management connection to context on the Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM) through VLAN unless the access-list permit ip any any log command is applied on interface vlan. This issue usually occurs if the switch is configured for Distributed EtherChannel.

FWSM does not support packet re-circulation. Packet re-circulation is a specific means to forward packets internally to the chassis between the modules.


In order to resolve this issue, force fabric-enabled modules into bus switching mode. This example shows how to force fabric-enabled modules into flow-through switching mode:

        Switch(config)#fabric switching-mode force bus-mode

This command forces all affected service modules to communicate through the chassis shared bus instead of the switched fabric, which forces the Supervisor to handle the packet re-circulation centrally instead of the service module. This command also allows the service modules to communicate properly on VLANs.

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