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User gets the error "CiscoSecure ACS Install: Crypto Error" Message "Error at V:\ismg_israel_acs\Acs\Crypto\init.c line 93, crypto_InitializeCryptoAPI failed" during the installation of Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) 4.0

Core issue

Users receive the CiscoSecure ACS Install: Crypto Error error message when trying to install version 4.0 on the Cisco Secure ACS server.

A few of the possible reasons behind this problem are:

Note: This error message usually appears because of hidden files stored on the server from a previous version.


Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

In order to completely uninstall an older version, use the Clean.exe ACS utility. You can find this utility in the ACS CD under the Utility folder.

Note: Make sure no hidden files are stored on the server. These files are located under C/program files/CiscosecureACS/config. Change the attributes of these files to delete them.

If the services for Cisco Secure ACS do not start after an upgrade from version 3.x, refer CiscoSecure ACS for Windows 4.0.1 services do not start after an upgrade from version 3.x.

In order to uninstall the remote agent for the Cisco Secure ACS, refer How to uninstall the Remote Agent for the CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine 3.3


Refer to the Release Notes for Cisco Secure ACS for Windows 4.0 for more information.

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