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User receives the ISAKMP (0:2): deleting SA reason P1 delete notify (in) state (I) QM_IDLE (peer x.x.x.x) input queue 0 message


The P1 refers to phase 1 Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP). The notify (in) indicates that this VPN end point received a Delete Notify message, which is the request to delete phase 1 for this tunnel from the remote peer.

If you see this error message while the VPN tunnel fails to come up, gather    more IPSec debugs from both VPN end points and look for a more specific error    message that would point to where the problem is.

For an explanation of common debug commands used in troubleshooting IPSec issues, refer to IP Security Troubleshooting - Understanding and Using debug Commands.

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Firewall - PIX 500 series


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