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VPN Client logs include the Function CreateFile failed with an error code error message

Core issue

This issue is caused by a corrupted VPN client installation or a clash with the operating system.


To resolve this problem, perform these steps:

  1. Manually uninstall the Cisco VPN client. Refer to How to Manually Uninstall the Cisco VPN Client 3.5 and Later for Windows 2000.

    Note: Remove the setup.exe file from the temp files directory, since it may trigger setup to run again.

  2. Uninstall Deterministic Network Enhancer (DNE). Perform these steps.  
    • Select My Network Places > LAN settings > Properties > Deterministic Network Enhancer, and remove the check mark next to it. Highlight it and click uninstall.
    • Search files with the name DNE and delete all files and entries.
  3. Uninstall network adapters from the machine.
  4. Restart the computer, and cancel the automatic installation of network adapters.
  5. Make sure there is no antivirus and firewall enabled before installing the VPN Client.
  6. Install the VPN client. Refer to Installing the VPN Client.
  7. Reinstall the network adapters.
  8. Check the VPN connectivity with VPN server. If it succeeds, enable the antivirus and personal firewall  in the machine.