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3640 - vpn - sonicwall pro 230

i received these requirements from a company that needs a VPN tunnel to our site.

they use Sonicwall pro 230, we have cisco 3640.

script sample / FAQ links would appreciated.

Here?s is what i got from them:


IPSec Gateway Address =

IPSec Mode = IKE Using Preshared Secret

Exchange = Main Mode

Phase 1 DH Group = Group 2

SA Life Time (Secs) = 28800

Phase 1 Encrypt/Auth = DES & MD5

Phase 2 Encrypt/Auth = Encrypt and Authenticate (ESP DES HMAC MD5)

Shared Secret = xxxsomesecretphrasexxx

Keep Alive = Enabled

Phase 2 DH Group = Group 1

We use a Sonicwall Pro 230, your Cisco 3640 will be slightly different in it's setup. you may need information/clarification on "translating your settings". We may need to play with the Encrypt/Auth settings to find a "compatible" pair.

The only information I'll need to setup the Tunnel completely is :

Your IPSec Gateway Name/Address (e.g.

Destination Network & Subnet Mask (e.g. Network = and Subnet =


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