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ASA 5505 VPN and Sprint Mobile Broadband clients.

I have a strange problem, it's something that just started recently when we had a user try to gain access with a Sprint Mobile Broadband card. We have quite a few remote users, probably not more than 6 ever connected to the VPN at once, and I have not heard of any issues until recently. We are starting to require more travel to remote locations, so the use of the hotel internet, as well as Sprint mobile broadband is becoming more important.

There are a few issues here. Everything is IPsec.

Mac OSX with VPN client version 4.9.01 will connect to the VPN when connected to a normal internet connection, but as soon as it gets on the Sprint Mobile Broadband device, it connects for exactly 5 seconds and disconnects.

Windows XP Pro, has no problems with normal internet, on the wireless broadband modem, it will connect to the VPN, but have no access to internal resources or access to the internet.

Windows Vista, has issues all the way around, but mainly when connected to the wireless it has the same issues as XP minus the internet browsing.

Strange thing is, all these problems seem to been different, but they all started around the same time. I have been testing everything I can think of. Talked to Sprint, which the lady there was actually very helpful...just have to get to the right person. But nothing we tried did any good.

Does anyone know of any settings on my ASA that I need to change in order to get these types of connections to work?

The best part of all this is that my Linux machine can connect/surf/and browse the internal network through the VPN just like it normally would work.

Something has to be wrong with my client config settings that is causing this to happen.


Re: ASA 5505 VPN and Sprint Mobile Broadband clients.

Have you enabled NAT Traversal? (Both on the Client and ASA)

That would be the first thing to check.



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