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New Member

ASA Management port

Can the managment port have its own gateway address? My computer is on vlan A and the mgnt port is on network B. ospf has populated the routing table for the asa to use the inside interface for vlan A. But when i try to ping the address on B the asa does not know how to get back, only in mgnt port but route table show a path out the inside interface.

I am having this same problem on both an ASA and the 3750.

Cisco Employee

Re: ASA Management port

The ASA has one routing table only. So the management interface is sharing the GW that you have on the ASA along with the rest.

ON the router you can use vrfs per interface so you can have multiple routing tables.

I hope it answers the question.


New Member

Re: ASA Management port

any susgestions on what i am trying to do?

can traffic enter the mgnt interface and come out the inside?

Cisco Employee

Re: ASA Management port

Unfortunately, the ASA will not allow it.

The only thing you can do is tranlate the host so it looks different to the ASA.


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