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ASA Not Forwarding DHCPREQUEST Packet to ISC DHCP Server

We are setting up a new ASA VPN Concentrator that uses the local ISC DHCP server for IP address assignments.

The DHCPDISCOVER packets from the ASA are logged in /var/log/dhcpd.log. The DHCPOFFER packets sent to the ASA are recorded in the log. If I restart dhcpd, I see in dhcpd.leases that entries for the leases have been created with a binding state of free.

The problem is that the ASA never relays the DHCPREQUEST packet to complete the lease that woule result in the VPN connection being established.

What causes an ASA not to relay the DHCPREQUEST packet?


Re: ASA Not Forwarding DHCPREQUEST Packet to ISC DHCP Server

Based on your comments your asa should be passing the ip address assignment of the vpn clients to your dhcp server, can you check that the asa has a scope defined for the dhcp server config? as well can you confirm that the asa has dhcp as the address assignment method, in other words can you post your config?

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