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Assigning maximum bandwith for groups on vpn concentrator


i have a question regaridng bandwith assingment on a vpn 3030 concentrator. I want to assing bandwith management for the configured groups. There are five groups configured and i want to assing a maximum bandwith for the usres in these groups. For example:

Group 1 has 10 users and for each user 64 kbit maximum shold be assigned. As i can see it is only possible to assign a minimum bandwith per session. So i can configure that a user of group 1 has a minimum bandwith with 64. But what about the case that this user uses a DSL Line and gets more that 64 kbit per second assigned?! If i configure a maximum bandwith for group one this one user gets nearly all of the available bandwith. Does anybody know how i can configure a maximum bandwith assignment per session?! Do i have to use Policiy Rate and Burst Rate in the Bandwith Policiy?! The version of the vpn 3030 concentrator is 4.0.4.A-k9.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Re: Assigning maximum bandwith for groups on vpn concentrator

It looks like you can do b/w reservation on the Interface or per group. The way to do a maximum b/w is policing, but I think the only way you can do this per-session, is to make a lot of groups and assign one user to a particular group. Maybe they'll enchance this in the future to allow for the granularity you're looking for.

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