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Automatic Login with Cisco VPN Client

I'm planning a small VPN network with about 20 remote Windows XP clients. These machines will be unattended, and I need them to automatically establish and maintain the VPN connection. I have not used the Cisco VPN Client before, so I am very curious about how it works. Can it be managed like a Windows Dial-up connection?

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Re: Automatic Login with Cisco VPN Client

To configure auto initiation, you must add the following keywords and values in the [Main] section of the vpnclient.ini global profile file:

AutoInitiationEnable?enables or disables auto initiation. To enable auto initiation, enter 1. To disable it, enter 0.

AutoInitiationRetryInterval?specifies the number of minutes to wait before retrying an auto initiation connection. The range is 1 to 10 minutes or 5 to 600 seconds. If you do not include this parameter in the file, the default retry interval is one minute.

AutoInitiationRetryIntervalType?specifies whether the retry AutoInitiationRetryInterval parameter is displayed in minutes or seconds. The default is minutes.

AutoInitiationList?provides a series of section names, each of which contains a network address, a subnet mask, a connection entry name, and optionally, a connect flag. You can include a maximum of 64 section (network) entries

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