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bandwith monitoring on physical interface or on tunnel interface ?

Hi All,

I would like to ask you a question .i am using solarwind monitoring tool for bandwith monioring.

I would like to know which interface we should use for monitoring ? Physical interface or tunnel interface .

I am using GRE tunnel in each of my remote locations.

and in some locations when i compare my physical interface graph and tunnel interface graph ,there is always hugh difference ,tunnel interface always has high utilization.  but for some sides physical interface and tunnel interface graph are same .

please do let me know which is the best for monitoing .


Re: bandwith monitoring on physical interface or on tunnel inter

Hi ,

Genrally it can be posible due bandwidth configuration on tunnel interface but ther is no harm in monitoring both the interface,it is genarlly a benfit only for you as if tunnel goes down it will raise an alarm also for the same.

For exact monitoring for tunnel interface i would suggest you to check  - VPNTTG (VPN Tunnel Traffic Grapher).

Advantage of VPNTTG over other SNMP based monitoring softwares is following: Other (commonly used) softwares are working with static OID numbers, i.e. whenever tunnel disconnects and reconnects, it gets assigned a new OID number. This means that the historical data, gathered on the connection, is lost each time. However, VPNTTG works with VPN peers IP address and it stores for each VPN tunnel historical monitoring data into the Database.

Hope that helps out your query !!

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