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BBSM problems with access points and multiple vlans

Hi all,

i have configured BBSM in routed mode. I have a layer 3 switch behind the bbsm and it is configured with 2 vlans (1 for wired and 1 for wireless). The bbsm connects to the layer 3 switch through another vlan (I don’t have dual vlan config) . I have configured the bbsm to see the layer 3 switch like a router.

1) Bbsm finds only 5 ports in every access point (AP1242G) instead of 30 ports, is it ok?

2) I have configured the switch that the access point is connected to, “ip_addreess@200” . When i connect through the access point, bbsm understands that i am connecting through the switch port and not through the access point. I have also tried to configure the switch port which is connected to the access point as uplink port, but i get an error. Any help ?

3) In several switches i will use vlan 200 and vlan 400 too, but in the bbsm is possilbe to configured only one vlan per device. Does anyone has experience with this?

Thanks in advance.


Re: BBSM problems with access points and multiple vlans

To further look into your issue, first send me the following.

Send me any topological diagrams you have regarding your network. That would really help me to get some idea on your network.

Which Layer 3 switch you are using?.

Send me the configuration information(sh tech) of BBSM as well as your layer 3 switch.

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