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Best network traffic monitoring system??

We had tested so far Scrutinizer, Netflow Analyzer 6 and Orion with Netflow module from Solarwinds.

We like Netflow Analyzer but is a bit expensive. Scrutinizer does a great job too.

Just wondering what your thoughts are for these products or if there is any better one on the market.

We need to take a dessition soon and make the purchase.

Thank you,



Re: Best network traffic monitoring system??

We currently use NFA and like it, but their Technical Support is horrible. They rarely respond to trouble tickets or take months between responses. Solarwinds makes great products, we use Orion and Cirrus. I don't like their Netflow product but it's something new for them and I'm sure it will get better with time. I have heard good things about Scrutinizer, but I have never used it. I recently eval'ed Flukes Netflow product [] and I really liked it. Fluke bought Crannog BTW, so it's that product.



Re: Best network traffic monitoring system??

NetQoS has the best NetFlow product, IMHO.

The only downside about NetQoS I don't like

about is that it runs on Microsoft Windows

OS, eventhough NetQoS sells it as an

appliance. I am a Linux guy so any network

apps running on Windows is a bad thing.

That being said, NetQoS has the best

NetFlow product I've seen so far, very

easy to use.

BTW, Flukes NetFlow product uses to be

NetQoS when I saw them @ networkers back

in 2006. Things might have changed since then.

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Re: Best network traffic monitoring system??

We use Orion with Netflow and we are pretty satisfied , support is good and we are getting all information what we need


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