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best solution for managing 50 remote sites via cisco vpn

At the moment my support organisation use the cisco vpn client on their windows pc's to provide remote support to our customers. I want to know if there is a solution from cisco that would support nialing up the 30 connections all the time without having to use clients on individual pc's. I know there will be issues because some of the sites will have conflicting lan ip address ranges. We would like to offer improved support to our customers for example using nagios to monitor their servers but this is not possible if vpn connection if not nialled up.

Please help with the best solution.


Re: best solution for managing 50 remote sites via cisco vpn

L2L vpns solution is suitable for your scenario, depending on your traffic load for each site u would have to do assesment on that, any asa5510 or higher in an active/standby architecture with stateful failover sure can do the job. As for conflicting LAN ips there is ways to work around that by using NAT or Policy NAT.

ASA product line

Perhaps for monitoring/managing Ipsec tunels CSM Cisco Security manager

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