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Cannot connect via VPN

Hi guys,

Can someone please help with this, there is a vpn set up between two of our remote sites, I call the site A and B. Site B has a leased line connection to the head office.

I now want site A to be able to connect via its VPN connection in Site B through to the head office to pick up files etc.

Please direct me as to how I can achieve this.

A 3rd party company manage the VPN between site A and B and they have assured me that all IP is allowed through.

There are checkpoint devices at both site B and the Head office.

Thanks for your time.


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Re: Cannot connect via VPN

Sorry, further to the above I meant to say both site A and B have Cisco routers and the Head office has a Pix.

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Re: Cannot connect via VPN


There is not enough information provided for us to know what the problem is or how to fix it. I can suggest several things to check. If you can check them and can provide some additional information we may be able to give you better help:

- has site A had any connectivity to the Head Office before this?

- does site A have any outside connectivity other then its VPN connection to site B?

- does site A have routing statements that would send traffic for the Head Office through the VPN to site B?

- typically a VPN has access lists that are used to identify traffic that should be processed by the VPN. Do the VPN access rules at site A and at site B include traffic from site A to the Head Office and response traffic?

- does the Head Office have routing statements that would send traffic to site A through its connection to site B?

- I am a little confused. I believe that you describe a VPN between site A and site B, and you describe a leased line from site B to the Head Office. And you describe a PIX at the Head Office. Is there a VPN between site B and the Head Office PIX or is the PIX simply a firewall? And how does traffic from the site B leased line get to the PIX, is there some router or something that gets traffic from the leased line to the PIX?

- does the PIX at the Head Office have access rules that would permit traffic from site A to pass through and get to the network at the Head Office and for response traffic to go through?

- is the PIX at the Head Office doing address translation for the remote sites? If so are there translation rules for traffic to and from site A? If the PIX is not translating traffic for the remote sites are there NAT exemptions for the traffic to site A?

If you check and can tell us these things we may be able to help you with this issue.



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