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CIFS on TCP 445

netbios has been disabled on the University servers. I am also trying to use CIFS in the SSL WebVPN portal. it apprears that the CIFS is using port tcp/139. can we change that to use SMB on tcp 445


Re: CIFS on TCP 445

WebVPN serves remote users with HTTPS portal pages that interface with a proxy CIFS client running on the security appliance. Using this client, WebVPN provides users with network access to the files on the network, to the extent that the users meet user authentication requirements and the file properties do not restrict access. The client is transparent; the portal pages delivered by WebVPN provide the appearance of direct access to the file systems.

When a user requests a list of files, WebVPN queries the server designated as the master browser for the IP address of the server containing the list. The security appliance gets the list and delivers it to the remote user on a portal page.

WebVPN lets the user invoke the following CIFS functions, depending on user authentication requirements and file properties:

•Navigate and list domains and workgroups, servers within a domain or workgroup, shares within a server, and files within a share or directory

•Create directories

•Download, upload, rename, move, and delete files

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