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cisco asa 5510 limit size of data

dear all,

I have a topology:

PC ------ router ---------- ASA 5510------- Data center

when I download a file has a bigger size than 300 Mb from data center, when the size of the file reached 300Mb, the connection is corrupted. I think may be ASA limit the size of data, because throughput of ASA 5510 is 300 Mbps. Is it right? (without QoS) Please support me. Thanks a lot.

Cisco Employee

Re: cisco asa 5510 limit size of data

The 300Mbps is the name throughput speed of the ASA. If you try to pass 400Mbps through the ASA you will oversubscribe it and see degradation of performance. But it will not "corrupt" a file when it reaches a certain size.

there is something else that is happening. What do you mean by "corrupted connection"? Is the connection closing on the ASA, do you see any logs?

I hope it helps,


New Member

Re: cisco asa 5510 limit size of data

Actually, I ask for my friend.  I haven't seen log file. May be not ASA cause this problem. Do you know any books descript clearly about this problem. Thanks for your reply.

Cisco Employee

Re: cisco asa 5510 limit size of data

We don't know what the problem is.

from what you told us, we only know one symptom which is big file transfers don't succeed. But with that,  don't think anyone can tell what the cause is.

I would suggest collecting logs and captures of the failure to try to understand why,



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