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cisco works - telnet session - no connest to device

credential verification report

I click on a device with right credentials for telnet

then I get the device center for this device

at device center I click on Telnet (under Tools) and get a new window with the message "try to connect...." and not more! no connection!

why? Is there anything else to do?


Re: cisco works - telnet session - no connest to device

If you cannot connect to the system using Telnet or Telnet interaction is slow, even though the system is connected to the network the possible Cause may be one of the following:

- Telnet is disabled or configured incorrectly.

- The Hosting Solution system cannot recognize host names

If the problem is not the network, perform the steps given in the below URL. Connect to the console port if you cannot Telnet to the Hosting Solution system.

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Re: cisco works - telnet session - no connest to device

thanks for answer

telnet is ok now - problem was:

credentials for telnet are on cisco works server.

When I start in cisco works device center a telnet session the telnet from my workstation is used and my workstation has no accesss to the devices

now I have the idea to start a remote-exec from windows and remote-exec starts the telnet on the cisco server.

I must try if that is possible - that will be a solution....

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