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Citrix ICA plugin for the ASA - anyone used it?


I have installed the ICA plugin on my ASA so I can use Citrix over clientless SSL. I get the logon page for citrix and enter my password but it says:

"You do not have the proper encryption level to access this session"

Plus it looks like it's using 16 colours, where can I change all these settings like the normal ICA client?

I also what to be able to use published applications.


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Re: Citrix ICA plugin for the ASA - anyone used it?

The default Citrix portal page tells you what you need to know for controlling color depth, published applications and the like:

The Citrix plugin allows access to the corporate MetaFrame servers from any Sun Java 1.4+ equipped browser.

The format of the URL is


The port is optional, its default value is 1494

The parameters are optional, possible keys are

* Address - published application

* InitialProgram - published application starting with #

* TWIMode - if set to on, enables seamless windows

* Domain - the name of the domain for the user name

* Language - causes the GUI to appear in a language other than a language of hte client device

* DesiredHRes - Desired window width

* DesiredVRes - Desired window height

Refer to the citrix admin guide for further instructions and parameters:

Link to the citrix admin guide

As an example ica://citrix.domain.local/?DesiredColor=4&DesiredHRes=1024&DesiredVRes=768&InitialProgram=#Notepad would launch a 16 bit color session with a 1024x768 window and would start the published application Notepad.


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Re: Citrix ICA plugin for the ASA - anyone used it?

Great reply,

I need to get this ICA plugin to use 128bit encryption.

I have just opened up my full-blown ICA client on my PC and the encryption is set to the default of 128bit.

I just tried using the ica://citrixip/Encryptionvalue=2 but it didn't work.

Should I editing the html page?

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Re: Citrix ICA plugin for the ASA - anyone used it?

Sorry I'm not following why you'd want to edit the html page. I'd try either passing the parameters you want in the address bar OR adding a boookmark type ICA and have the parameters on that URL.

Please ensure you've followed the howto instructions for ICA plugin located here:

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Re: Citrix ICA plugin for the ASA - anyone used it?

TAC have told be it's a bug (bud id = CSCsm71691) and there is no fix other than using the SSL VPN client.

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