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New Member

Citrix Presentation Server Hangs on Application

Hello I hope someone can assist here, I've looked at similar problem summaries but none that quite fits my problem.

I've configured an ASA for clientless SSL VPN access into a Citrix Server Farm head.

Everything works fine, I can connect ok and enter my username/password at the Citrix presentation server metaframe web access login.

I get a list of all the applications I have available but when I click to open an app, it starts to download then hangs with an error message

"can not connect to Citrix presentation server, there is no Citrix SSL server on the specified address"

The address from which the ica file is being downloaded is the ASA outside address.

If I run an AnyConnect SSL VPN client and then http to the Citrix server farm head address, everything works fine.

The ASA is acting as the proxy but the probelm seems to be that the launch.ica file contains the ASA IP address rather than the IP address of a Citrix server which is pushed out by the Citrix farm head end.

I hope this makes sense and if you can tell me where I'm going wroing I'd much appreciate it

Regards Tony


Re: Citrix Presentation Server Hangs on Application

Hi Tony,

The IP address should be the ASA outside address as the clientless VPN has no way to route traffic to the Citrix farm head-end on the ASA inside network.

Since its working with AnyConnect, I believe opening Cisco TAC case is the best route as this requires hands-on troubleshooting.



New Member

Re: Citrix Presentation Server Hangs on Application

Thanks Kiran,

It would appear that the Citrix web interface server is changing the http traffic to https when the ASA is acting as a proxy. I've not a Citrix bod looking at it as I believe its a setting on thier server that is the cause

Thanks for you help though.

If I get a resolution I'll post it here

Cheers Tony

New Member

Re: Citrix Presentation Server Hangs on Application

Hey Tony,

did you ever get a resolution on this issue. I am seeing the same thing happening. Although, rebooting the asa fixes the problem for about a month or so. let me know if you found anything on your citrix config? Thanks

New Member

Re: Citrix Presentation Server Hangs on Application

Hi Nicholas (is it?)

I'm afraid I never completed the testing, a long story but the client thought allowing Citrix access over the Internet to non corporate machines was too unsecure.

I'm curious though as to why your set up does work even if it is for a short time.

I'm enabled Smart tunneling and this did provide the correct IP address of the Citrix Farm head, instead of the ASA acting as a proxy, you might want to try that

Sorry I couldn't help more

Cheers Tony

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