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CMS 4.4 sp/1 Access List name ACL_IN

We are using CSM 4.4 sp/1 to manage our ASA firewalls. We are migrating some multi-context firewalls to single context on new ASA hardware. The ASA the context is on is v8.2. The new, single context ASA is running 9.1. Using CSM I cloned a context policy and changed the interfaces names to match the nameif configured on the new platform. I assigned the cloned policy to the new platform and pushed the policy with no errors.

When looking at the ACLs from the cli, I noticed the following:

access-group CSM_FW_ACL_cmsdmz-inside in interface cmsdmz-inside

access-group ACL_IN in interface cmsdmz-outside

The ACLs in the multi-context ASA are named using the nameif configuration.

Anyone know why CMS named one ACL using the interface name and the other using ACL_IN? This doesn't seem to be a problem but it is disconcerting when looking at the policy using the cli.



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