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Corrupt Flash with boot loop

I have an ASA 5510 that has been giving me trouble. It started with locking up every couple of weeks, then it was every couple of days, and now it won't boot at all. When it would lock up, the only thing I could do was turn it off and turn it back on - this seemed to fix it except that it was annoying to have to power cycle it every few days.

As I said, it won't boot at all any more. It starts to boot but fails with the following messages:

Cannot find disk0:/asa706-k8.bin

Error 15: file not found

Unable to boot an image

Default configuration file contains 1 entry.

Searching / for images to boot.

No images found in /

Error 15: File not found

Unable to boot an image

There's more, but it's all pretty much the same: it can't find an image to boot from. My suspicion is that this is caused by a bad compactflash card, but I've never seen a flash card go bad before. Does this make sense or have you ever seen behaviour like this before? If it is a bad compactflash card, what are my options? Can I just go down to Best Buy or RadioShack and get a replacement card or do I have to get one (not to mention the boot image) from Cisco? Thanks in advance for your help.

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