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Creating RemoteVPN tunnels on ASA with Cisco Security Manager


I've run into the issue when trying to reproduce this scheme (  , PIX/ASA 8.x: CAC - SmartCards  Authentication for Cisco VPN Client) via the CSM interface.

ASDM works great but when trying to use CSM I can't find the neccessary DN field under the "Distinguished Name (DN) Authorization Setting" of the AAA tab of the connection profile.

In ASDM I usually choose UPN (User principal name) and ASA sends "" to the MS AD server and it works great. Neither atttribute works the same way, so the only attribute I can use for the "SmartLogon" certificate is UPN.

But CSM doesn't have this field in this tab!

So the qustion is - how can I send the right DN field from the User's SmartLogon certificate (MS CA, bound to the AD account) via CSM?

Regards, Amir.

p.s. Sorry for the description - it may seem rather "unclear", I suppose.

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