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CS-MARS - Drop rule keyword based

Hi all,

I need to create a new rule based on a keyword. I'm able to add an inspection rule but not a drop rule. The problem is Cisco MARS is showing up lots of events from a reporting IPS who is blocking that events. In this manner, the IPS is tagging all traffic blocked and when it gets the MARS, I have to open the event to see if it's a real threat or it's just a event blocked by IPS.

Now, all tagged traffic is matching with my inspection rule but I don't want to see more events from that rule, just log into the database, I mean, the alternate action to "drop" in a drop rule.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.


Re: CS-MARS - Drop rule keyword based

would use the rule with

the "/" since that's the standard format used in Regex string:


Community Member

Re: CS-MARS - Drop rule keyword based

Hi Beth,

Excuse me but I don't understand what you mean with that string. What I'm saying is there's no way to create a drop rule using a keyword. P.e. I want to drop all events from the matching rule called "Password scan" where the keyword "Administrator" is used. You can only apply an action in drop rules, and using a keyword in inspection rules.

Sorry again if I don't understand what you mean or where apply the regex string you're talking about.

Thanks a lot.

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