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CSM 4.5 cancelling a deployment

After adding my devices CSM decided to make its own recommended changes for my ASAs, I do not want to deploy these changes, unfortantely I've already submitted these tickets and I can't find a way to discard the deployments.

This is preventing me from deploying other changes


Haven't had to do it yet but

Haven't had to do it yet but as I recall there is a "Rollback" function, somewhere.  Sorry I can't say where but it sounds like what you want.

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I had a similar problem,

I had a similar problem, 'something' in my policy bundle was bringing down a security device so im posting this here to help the community.

Here's my workaround as i cant find a way to delete/cancel or retract tickets 'ready to deploy' within CSM:

Click Tools > Security Manager Administration... > Deployment

Now change your 'Default Deployment Method' from Device to File...Thats it!  Deploy your buggy/dodgy config to file which 'removes' your Ready to deploy ticket.

Remember to change it back to 'Device' when your done.


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