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CW User Tracking Issues

We have CM LMS 2.5 and use it to manage about 15K end-user connections. We have some anomolies with User Tracking (UT)that I can't seem to resolve.

1) UT does not seem to collect information on all the active ports. The device is active and IP/MAc are in CAM Table and router ARP cache, but information is not discovered or reported on some devices. What are possible reasons?

2) I think I know the answer to this, but need some support. When we physically remove a device of one type (say a 3550) and replace it with another device (say a 4506) that has the same IP address we seem to get junk in the UT information. For example, using the above scenario I report 175 devices connected to a switch, but only the MAC address (and port) show for 172 of them. The other 3 show all information. What is cause? Should I have deleted old device first? We are not using host names so IP address and device name are same.

3) Lastly, I would like to ask about the "Last Seen" column in the UT report. What exactly does this refer to? The physical port? The MAC address? The IP address? A combintation of the above?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


Re: CW User Tracking Issues

In previous versions of URT, you could implement dynamic VLANs based on MAC address only by creating the VLAN mappings in the CWSI Campus User Tracking application and then updating the URT servers with those mappings. With URT 1.2.1, you can create these "host-based" dynamic VLANs from within URT. This change provides more complete and reliable host-based VLANs.

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