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Disable Default WebVPN Page

I am setting up a few different WebVPN profiles I am wondering if there is any way to disable the default page. I am going to give all users specific URLs ( but I would like to completely disable the page if they try browsing to I havent been able to find a setting yet that will disable the main page but still allow access to all group-urls. I have tried adding in the to the default WebVPN group and checking disable, but it still loads the webpage when going to that URL.


Re: Disable Default WebVPN Page

To specify a URL for the web page that displays when this WebVPN user logs in, enter the homepage command in username webvpn configuration mode. To remove a configured home page, including a null value created by issuing the homepage none command, enter the no form of this command. The no option allows inheritance of a value from the group policy. To prevent inheriting a home page, enter the homepage none command.

The none keyword indicates that there is no WebVPN home page. It sets a null value, thereby disallowing a home page and prevents inheriting a home page.

The url-string variable following the keyword value provides a URL for the home page. The string must begin with either http:// or https://.

There is no default home page.

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