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Doing EzVpn without EzVpn IOS commands


I am trying to set a vpn from a 805 (12.3 with ipsec 3des) router with dynamic ip to a 515 PIX Fw (6.2) with static ip.

Seems that there is a easy way to do this if you use Easy VPN like the example in this link

My problem is that 805 does not support easy vpn (the crypto ipsec client command).

As long as I had read ez vpn allows to avoid complex configuration with some easy commands, but I suppose that if you have not this feature you are still able to configure a vpn.

So I would like to know how to do this with plane IOS ipsec commands.

I had been looking for a sample configuration but the more closest example is in this link

but it is with a Router (called Hub) instead a PIX and seems more like a site to site vpn.

Any help will be appreciated.



Re: Doing EzVpn without EzVpn IOS commands

The configuration example for setting up an IPSec VPN between a PIX when one end is dynamically addressed is available at Another document that would be helpful is 'Configuring IPSec - Router to PIX' and is located at

If you are looking at a lot of work with IPSec, then the IPSec support page is a great resource. Both the documents above were picked up from the support page. It is accessible at

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Re: Doing EzVpn without EzVpn IOS commands

Thanks for your leads, finally it works

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